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ANet - The Product
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Feature Comparison

Demo Web Standard Professional
max. clients connected 4 none 32 unlimited
splashscreen when start X - - -
send functions (variables, strings, structs,...) X - X X
entity system (global creation, synchronizing,...) X - X X
multizone support X - X X
level changing X - X X
data encryption X - - X
global player variables X - X X
voice chat X - - X
automatic portforwarding (upnp) X X - X
server lists (lobbies) X X - X
socket (tcp/udp) functions X X - X
http/ftp functions X X - X
sending whole files X - - X
dead-reckoning and update ranges template - - X X
internet/lan server list templates X X - X
commercial distribution of projects not allowed allowed allowed allowed
free support (in months) none 1 1 2


ANet has a detailed manual in which all functions are explained. Every function is explained with a Lite-C and a C-Script example. The manual is available in English and German. There are also a lot of workshops and example projects uploaded on the homepage for easier getting started with ANet.


Templates are ready-made scripts that reduce your working time. ANet currently offers the following template scripts: Dead-Reckoning with update ranges, internet serverlist and lan serverlist. All template scripts are written in Lite-C. Every template has its own workshop in the workshops section of the homepage. Because the templates are written in Lite-C, it's easy for you to modify them for your wishes.


Once you have bought a full version of ANet, you get a full month free email support! After this month you can buy additional support tickets in the shop.

Team-/Education editions

If you want to buy more than one licency of ANet for your development team or your school/university, you can buy this with a reduced price. With such team editions all developers must work on the same project or are only allowed to use for teaching purpose. It's not possible to sell commercial projects with a team edition. But if you want to do this, you can buy a full version. Also the upgrade from a team edition to a full version is reduced for students.
Team editions can be ordered per mail. Please add the name of your company/development studio or the name of the school/university.

No royalities!

Once you have bought a full version of ANet you can sell as many games/applications as you want without paying additional roalities. You are not allowed to sell the plugin as stand-alone product or change it in any ways!

Statisfied community

"Having switched multiplayer-engines 3 times before coming to ANet, ANet was by far the best of the 4. ANet made this game possible. It made implementing LAN and internet server lists easy, and it handles everything from the connection process and the basic chat, vote, kick and ban functions to advanced player movement very well. But the best thing about ANet is the great support - without it, we would not have gotten so far so fast."

Micha Pfeiffer, developer of CSiS

"I am very impressed with ANet after seeing the testing I have done, I LOVE IT!!"

Garrett Swindell

"Thanks again for the great plugin! I'm loving it."

Dennis Van den Broek

"ANet is a solid and useful product and I'd highly recommend it."

William Sworin, developer of Silas

"Your plugin is da real thing! Yesterday we tested it out (4 of us): Two from America, me from Croatia and one guy from the Netherlands. It worked completely smooth. So that's a big progress for us and for the 3dgs multiplayer community."

Alen Horvat aka cerberi_croman


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ANet released

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ANet released


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