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Frequently Asked Questions
A lot of frequently asked questions that you may want to ask the support are answered here. Please always read this section before contacting the support!

How to start with ANet?

After downloading the demo you should first read through the manual articles "general", "introduction" and "tips and tricks". After that, read through the workshops of the workshop section on the homepage. Now you should be able to start adapting the learned by starting your own small multiplayer projects. More example scripts for practicing are available on the homepage.

I've currently sent an order. How long will it take until I receive my product?

If you have payed with PayPal, you will receive your product in 2-3 business days. If you have payed via bank transfere it will take ~1 week depending on your bank.
If you don't receive your product in time contact the support, please!

Is ANet legal, because it adds multiplayer to gamestudio editions that don't allow multiplayer?

Of course it is legal! ANet uses an own multiplayer system and not the one from gamestudio.
Here is the statement from conitec: Click here

I purchased an ANet edition and now I get a mail where they want my user_name that is displayed in SED. I thought this is illegal?!

You mixed up two different things. You shouldn't pass your password and clientid, but you can pass your user_name. The user_name is nothing else than the name of the person, the gamestudio edition is registered to.
Again, here is the statement from conitec: Click here

I'm using one of the examples from the homepage and can't get a connection. What can I do?

Install the VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package on all PCs.
Check the connection between those PCs (cmd->ping ipaddress)
If you connect over the internet and the PC that is running as server is behind a router, you have to do port forwading. All examples use the udp port 2300. How port forwading is done is describded on the homepage of your router manufacturer.

I've downloaded the manual but it's not displayed correctly. What can I do?

Update/Reinstall your Windows Help Viewer.
Open the manual outside the .zip arcive.

The Anet.dll isn't loaded. What can I do?

Install the VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package.
Check if the ANet.dll is in the correct folder and if it is included correctly in your script. If you don't know how to include a plugin correctly, check the Gamestudio manual.

I think I found a bug. What can I do?

Check if this "Bug" isn't produced through your script. If you are sure that the bug is produced by ANet, send a mail to the support with a complete bug report. The bugreport should contain: your Gamestudio edition/version, the ANet version, a detailed bug description, perhaps a short code snippet

Do I have to pay for updates and how do I get them?

Normal updates are for free. If you already bought ANet, you will receive the update per mail.

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